Could YOUR design appear in The Battle Cats?! The Next Battle Cat design contest is ON!

Could YOUR design appear in The Battle Cats?! The Next Battle Cat design contest is ON!

Event Information

Thanks to everyone for submitting so many awesome designs!

After much consideration by the Nyanko Studio art team, we've decided on the following creations to receive prizes for their creativity and artistic appeal.

The Grand Prize design will be appearing in the official Battle Cats app in the near future!

※From Japan
※Character name, design and performance may receive changes before appearing in the game.

※Character names and images will appear together.
※Prize winners who submitted designs via Twitter or Instagram will receive a direct message from the official PONOS account with directions to receive their reward. Winners who submitted their design via Facebook should send a message to the Battle Cats official account and wait for a response from us.

Check out the other winning entries from around the world!
▼Japan Version

▼Korean Version

▼Trad. Chinese Version

Submission Dates
September 17, 2017 through October 9, 2017

Design Concept
What Cat have YOU always wanted to see in the Battle Cats?
Draw, design, paint, or sculpt your dream character and post it with the hashtag #NextBattleCat on the social media platform of your choice!
Include names and designs for both the regular and evolved form of your creation if possible!

・GRAND PRIZE - One winner
Your Cat design will appear in the Battle Cats app! PLUS, you get a 1500 Cat Food bonus reward!
・RUNNER-UP PRIZE - Five winners
A 1000 Cat Food bonus reward for each winner in this category!
Plus, your design will be reposted on the Battle Cats official social media pages!
※ Runner-up entries may be selected to appear in the game in the future as well! (No guarantees though...)
For more info:
▼PONOS Games Official Facebook

▼PONOS Games Official Twitter

▼The Battle Cats Official Instagram

※ Notices ※

・One grand prize entry and five runner-up entries will be chosen from all the designs submitted by players of the English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean versions of the Battle Cats.
・Please be aware that PONOS reserves the right to edit or change elements of the winning entry to avoid copyright issues, or to otherwise ensure the highest standards of artistic and gameplay quality.
・The winning entry will be announced once our design team has reviewed all submissions.
・The grand prize design is planned to appear in the game by the end of 2017, dependent on The Battle Cats future development schedule.
・Please make sure that you have read and understood all requirements and conditions before submitting your design to this campaign.

※Contest Submission Terms and Conditions※

This application agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") concerns submission of designs to the "Nyanko Design Contest" (hereinafter referred to as "the Contest") sponsored by Ponos Co., Ltd.
Applicants to this contest (hereinafter referred to as "Applicant") should confirm the contents of these Terms before submitting their content for entry.

【Submitted Content】
◇ Only original designs created by the applicant will be accepted. Fanart of currently existing characters, or art previously published online or in print will not be accepted as contest entries.
◇ Submitted entries may be created using any artistic medium, but must be submitted as a digital image to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for consideration.
◇ Hand-drawn or painted works may be scanned or photographed and then submitted, but we will not be able to accept submissions with highly degraded image quality. Please ensure that your design can be clearly seen and the image is of sufficiently high resolution.
◇ PONOS reserves the right to remove submissions that meet the below definitions from consideration, and in the case of ② and ③ may consider legal action.
① Violation of the terms of The Battle Cats User Agreement
② Copyrighted intellectual property of PONOS or a third party, or submission of material that violates the right to privacy of a third party
③ Modified/edited versions of copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property of PONOS or a third party
④ Inclusion of political, national, religious, ethnic, or trademarked logos and symbols, subject to the discretion of PONOS
⑤ Obscene, cruel, violent, or discriminatory imagery, designs that encourage antisocial behavior, or are otherwise intended to cause discomfort or distress to a third party
⑥ Designs that violate public order and morals
⑦ Designs that are currently or previously been licensed for use by a third party
⑧ Designs submitted via closed or private social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
⑨ Designs or accounts that are otherwise judged to be inappropriate or against the spirit of the contest.
◇ We reserve the right to decline to respond to inquiries regarding cancellation, alteration, replacement, or confirmation of acceptance of submitted works. PONOS will also not respond to individual questions regarding contest winners and the selection process.

【Copyright of Submitted Works】
◇ In principle, the creator of the work will retain copyright and other intellectual property rights. However, applicants must recognize that by submitting works they are granting PONOS Co., Ltd. the right to use the work in question free of charge, without restrictions on time, region, language, or mode of use. ◇ Applicants shall not retain the right to exercise moral rights of the author with regard to works submitted for the purposes of this contest.
◇ PONOS Co. Ltd. may make necessary modifications of the submitted works before use without prior consent of the applicant.
◇ Without regard to the above statements, recipients of contest rewards (hereafter referred to as "Winners") shall not retain copyrights of the work that serves as their winning entry (according to Japan Copyright Law Article 27 and Article 28). All intellectual property rights shall be transferred to PONOS Co. Ltd. without charge. However, should the entry be removed from consideration due to factors previously listed in these terms and conditions, copyright of the work will not be transferred from the original creator.
◇ Winners shall not retain the right to exercise moral rights of the author with regard to works submitted for the purposes of this contest.
◇ Winners shall recognize that PONOS Co. Ltd. reserves the right to change design elements such as name, skills, traits, appearance, etc. of their winning entry without prior consent before it appears in The Battle Cats, and surrender all rights to challenge such changes to their work should it be selected as a winning entry.

【Handling of Personal Information】
◇ Use of any applicant information collected for the purposes of this contest by PONOS will be limited to the purposes below:
① Confirmation of entry to the contest
② Responding to inquiries by contest participants
③ Sending prizes to contest winners
④ Necessary contest administration
⑤ Promotional event-related announcements and publicity
◇ For all other instances not outlined above, personal information of users and contest applicants will be handled according to the Privacy Policy found within the Battle Cats application.
◇ Please be aware that the account names of contest winners may be publicly announced on PONOS/Battle Cats official social media accounts.

◇ In the cases described below, PONOS may determine it necessary to suspend, cancel, or change contest rules or other elements. Applicants will recognize that PONOS is not liable for legal action related to such changes, save for instances of deliberate harm or gross negligence.
① Earthquake, wind, or flood damage, unforseen accidents or medical emergencies.
② Major operational or technical difficulties which necessitate the cancellation or suspension of campaign events.
◇ Applicants will assume the burden of any expenses involved in the creation of artistic works for the purposes of entering this contest. In the event of a dispute with a third party as a result of any works submitted for the purposes of this contest, the applicant will be fully liable for any legal expenses and PONOS will not be held responsible.
◇ PONOS will not be held liable for any hardship or injury caused by use of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or related applications and services used to apply for this contest.

【Title】The Battle Cats
【Platform】iOS / Android
【Language】English, Japanese, Korean