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PONOS to revolutionize the rhythm game genre with its newest creation, “School Cat Club Idol Heart Live Plus!”

PONOS, maker of hit app The Battle Cats, announced today that they will take on the trendy idol management rhythm-game genre with the release of their new project “School Cat Club Idol Heart Live Plus!”

In a surprise press conference held in Kyoto this morning, PONOS representatives teased games journalists with tantalizing details about this new project. “Everyone at PONOS is a big fan of the flood of adorably earnest idol characters that have taken the anime world by storm in recent years. We think that the struggles of the Cat Army to ruthlessly conquer time and space has a lot in common with the heartwarming tales of Japanese schoolgirls fighting to achieve musical stardom. Yes, a lot in common indeed. Anyhow, the Cats already have the perfect mix of dozens of fun characters who all share a stock adorable expression, but also have a variety of individual personalities and dreams for players to sympathize with. All we needed was some catchy tunes and a nostalgic classroom setting, and it’s clear we could be a real contender in the genre!”

According to materials provided by PONOS, the story of “School Cat Club Idol Heart Live Plus!” (or “SCCIHLP!” for short) is centered on Nyanko Nekomura, a 1st year student at Nekoyama Cats Academy who gets recruited by her sempai into an amateur pop group aiming for a spot on the popular TV series “Love Battle FOREVER”. With over 200 hours of content and additional story arcs planned for supporting characters of the idol troupe, players will feel as if they are living the exciting life of a Cat Idol themselves through the victories and struggles of the ambitious Nekoyama girls.

Players will help Nyanko and her fellow Cat idols gain popularity by clearing rhythm-game challenges featuring catchy original music with a wide variety of genres, tempos and difficulties. Leaked track titles include “Hey! Wear That Sailor Uniform” “Gamatoto ~IN MY HEART~” “Shiny Shiny Uber Dream” and “Cosmos Journey (So Many Aliens)”.

Achieving high scores will not only unlock new stages and songs, but also adorable costumes including the Madame Sumo’s Apron, Bun-Bun’s Titanium Bracers, and Kasa Jizo’s Stylish Straw Hat.

PONOS also announced plans to promote the game with a worldwide musical tour featuring exciting holographic performances by the members of “SCCIHLP!”. Live dates will continue to be announced prior to the tours commencement, but at this moment confirmed performance venues include Canada, Singapore, NASA, Machu Picchu, and The Great Abyss.

More details regarding development and promotion of “School Cat Club Idol Heart Live Plus!” will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. Or maybe not, depending on what the Cats feel like doing on any given day.


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