User Rank

Upgrading Cat Units and Battle Items will raise your total User Rank, displayed at the top of the Cat Base menu.
Reaching certain User Rank totals will unlock cool rewards and higher level caps for your Cat Units!
※If you are unable to receive rewards from a User Rank achievement, please ensure that your app is updated to the most recent version, then try again.

▼User Rank Rewards

User Rank Achievements
100 Get one Rare Ticket!

※Double-check upcoming User Rank rewards!
※Accepting any reward earned from a User Rank achievement will at the same time restore your Cat Energy to its maximum! (Ver. 5.2.0 required)

Unlocking Level Limits

Achieving certain User Rank levels will unlock higher level limits for your Cat Unit upgrades. With the exception of the Normal Cats and a few other Units, the highest limit reachable by these User Rank rewards is capped at Level 30.
However, using a Catseye special item can release this restriction and allow further upgrades!
※Once you have activated a Cat Unit, using XP will allow you to upgrade their Unit Level.
※To use a Catseye, you must first have at least one unit upgraded to Level 30.

Unlocking MAX+ Limits

Upgrading your units' MAX+ rank will make them more powerful.
Use the appropriate Cat Capsule from the Capsule Machine to increase that Unit's MAX+ rank.
XP cannot be used to increase a Cat Unit's MAX+ rank.

About Catfruit

Once Level 30 has been reached by certain rare-level Cat Units, "Catfruit" or "Catfruit Seeds" items may be used to reach their third True Form.
The Catfruit item may be acquired from certain Event Stages.

About Catseyes

You can use a Catseye item on a Unit who has reached Level 30 in order to unlock even higher level limits for that character.
The GAMATOTO Expedition will very occasionally discover Catseyes during their item searches.